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ASNW workshop - 2015
6-9 January 2015
Placement Brochure 2014-15


  About School of Technology  
  School of Technology intends to focus on technological education, research and service that anticipates, and meets, the need of tomorrow’s world. It is expected that engineering graduates from School of Technology will care about issues that technology can make difference whether these issues are health, security, economic well-being or sustainability of world and values.

Undergraduate Courses

B.Tech. Programme (4 Year)

Based on integrated approach of relevant basic sciences and engineering, at present the School offers 4 year B.Tech. programme in following specialized disciplines:

Civil Engineering - 120 seatsChemical Engineering - 60 seatsElectrical Engineering - 120 seatsIndustrial Engineering - 60 seatsMechanical Engineering - 120 seats

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Postgraduate Courses

M.Tech. Programme (2 Year)

From 2013 onwards, the School is offering 2 year M.Tech. programme in the following specialized disciplines:

Civil Engineering (Infrastructure Engineering & Management) - 30 seats Electrical Engineering (Power Systems) - 30 seats Mechanical Engineering (Thermal Engineering) - 30 seats Nuclear Engineering - 30 seats

Ph.D. Programme
The school also offers Ph.D. programme in various engineering and science disciplines.

  - School of Petroleum Management
  - School of Petroleum Technology
  - School of Solar Energy
  - School of Liberal Studies
  - University of Houston
  - University of Tulsa
  - The University of Oklahoma
  - Georgia Institute of Technology
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